Dell Aero Android OS Review

posted on 18 Feb 2013 11:26 by androids
Dell Aero Android OS Review

Let me begin by saying that I love the Dell line of products. In fact my last 2 computer purchases have been Dell and most likely my next purchase will be Dell. With this in mind I jumped at the chance to buy the Aero when it was offered on Amazon. I purchased the phone hoping to take advantage of its 3g capability. However that has not been the case. I purchased the phone thinking that it would work on all gsm networks. My carrier is T-mobile. 

Thus far I can only make phone calls and text messages. I cannot use their 3g network, only the edge. This makes web surfing nonexistent. I contacted Dell technical support and was advised that the 3g capability only works on ATT, not T-Mobile. Not being able to connect for web data connection greatly diminishes the value of the devise. I do not know how the phone performs on other gsm networks, but I would advise those wanting to use it on T-mobile to save their money. You can find other phones for less that can provide you the same service.

Now that I have complained, let me offer some other considerations for potential buyers. I have no problem accessing the web with this phone using wi-fi. I like the looks and feel of this phone. Its lightweight and sleek looking. Video is clean and crisp. Pictures look good and its easy to use. Sound quality is better than most phones I've used in the past. I would have preferred it the have a 3.5mm jack connection, but you can easily work around this. For these reasons, and the fact that I received the phone in 2 business days after ordering, I gave the device 3 stars.

LG Rumor Reflex Phone Review

posted on 17 Feb 2013 15:57 by androids directory Knowledge

LG Rumor Reflex Phone Review


LG Rumor Reflex Phone

I've been a feature phone user with Sprint for over 4 years now. Over that time, I've used the Palm Centro, the HTC Snap and the Samsung Reclaim. This is my first LG phone, and also my first touch screen phone. I own an iPad3 and an iTouch, but I don't want a smartphone like an iPhone or Android because I don't want to pay a higher monthly fee/cost.




I've used this new Rumor Reflex phone for 4 days now. I give it an overall 3.5 stars rating that breakdowns as follows on the particular areas:


4 stars for the case/phone body - feels solid, not too thick, easy to pop off/on the back to remove/insert the battery and microSD card. GREAT that the phone can take a microSD card of up to 32GB!

4 stars for seemingly no problem with reception/drop calls, or sound quality on calls.

4 stars for an easy to understand and utilize user-interface.


3.5 stars for lcd touch screen - colors are bright and sharp, fonts appear clear and sharp, and the touch sensitivity of the lcd screen is decent (though not nearly as responsive as that screen of the iPhone or iPod Touch).

3 stars for the qwerty keyboard - the buttons are barely raised, they don't give good feedback when you press on them, and their placement doesn't seem natural. However, I think I will get used to it and type faster after a few more weeks of use.

2 stars for the battery. I barely get 24hrs of use even with the vibrate function turned off, with the screen brightness at level 4 (10 is the brightest), and I don't talk or text very much. I'm pretty disappointed with the battery life while the battery is brand-new, I worry how the battery will hold up after 9 months or a year of use - since I'm planning to use this phone for two years until I get another credit to upgrade with Sprint by renewing my two year service contract.

2 stars for the weak camera - haven't taken many pics but they don't look very good so far - colors are off and pics aren't very clear/sharp.


The above being said, it's still probably one of the top 3 low cost "feature phones" (non-smart phones) now on the market and if I wasn't using the Rumor Reflex, I'm not sure what feature phone I would go with. I got it for $29 after various rebates from Sprint for renewing my two year contract.


If you want a low cost feature phone that has a large touch screen and qwerty keyboard, and can live with charging your phone every night, you'll probably be happy with this phone

Nokia Asha 309 spec

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Nokia Asha 309 spec
Display Type TFT LCD Capacitive Touchscreen 65,536-color resolution 400x240 Pixels (WQVGA: Width 3.0 inches: 155 ppi) and glass screen to prevent scratches. (Scratch-Resistant Glass).Built-in memory for storage of 128 MB (left to actually use about 20 MB) of RAM and 64 MB video card with support for external memory microSD Card (TransFlash) has maximum size 32 GB.Music Player MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, WAV, WMA, AMR-NB, MIDI, SP-MIDI and Built-in FM Stereo RDS
radio.Connected to HTML Browser (Nokia Browser for Series 40) via WiFi, EDGE or GPRS wireless data connection via Bluetooth.Built-in digital camera. Resolution 2 Mega Pixels (1600x1200 Pixels), photography, video (QCIF: 176x144 Pixels: 10 fps).

Network GSM Dual Band (900/1800 MHz).109.9x54x13.2 mm size.Weight 102 grams.Display Type TFT LCD Capacitive Touchscreen 65,536-color resolution 400x240 Pixels (WQVGA: Width 3.0 inches: 155 ppi).-
Glass screen to prevent scratches. (Scratch-Resistant Glass).- Multi-point touch. (Multi-Touch).- Accelerometer Sensor system enables rotation or change the direction of the display screen to automate. Capture the characteristics of mobile users.Battery Type Li-Ion 1110 mAh (BL-4U).
Standby Time Up to 650 hours.Talk time Up to 6 hours.Period up to 40 hours of continuous music.Built-in memory for storage of 128 MB (left to actually use about 20 MB).RAM memory size of 64 MB.Supports external memory cards added a microSD Card (TransFlash) has maximum size 32 GB.Memory Phonebook 2000 entries.Recording calls (calls, receive calls, no answer).

SMS (Short Messaging Service).MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).Email (SMTP, IMAP4, IMAPS, POP3).- Support for email service Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Nokia Mail.- Supports the attachment. (Attachments).Nokia Messaging.Instant Messaging (Nokia Chat, Windows Live Messenger).SNS (Social Network Service).- Support for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.Automatic spelling system.

HTML Browser (Nokia Browser for Series 40).WAP Browser 2.0 / xHTML.WiFi (WLAN: Wireless LAN: 802.11 b / g / n).EDGE (236.8 Kbps).GPRS (85.6 Kbps).Bluetooth Version 3.0.- Supports connection to a Bluetooth headset and Stereo (A2DP).USB Data Cable (microUSB: USB Version 2.0).The standard 3.5-mm headphone connector.

Ringtones and Polyphonic Ringtones 64 Tones.- Support files, ring tones MP3, WAV.- Show the incoming calls (Photo Caller ID).- Built-in vibration.Clock.Alarm.The Organizer.Calendar and notes.CalculatorTake notesItems of work to do.Music Player MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, WAV, WMA, AMR-NB, MIDI, SP-MIDI.- Noise Reduction (Noise Cancellation).Video player MPEG4, WMV, H.263, H.264.Search the map via Nokia Maps.Several conference calls (Conference Call).Recording (AMR).Handsfree and Speakerphone in the.

Built-in digital camera. Resolution 2 Mega Pixels.- Maximum resolution of photos 1600x1200 Pixels.- Fixed focus camera (Fixed Focus).- 4 level digital zoom (Digital Zoom).- The Aperture (Aperture) F/2.8.- Pre-timer (Self-Timer).- Adjust the White Balance (White Balance: Fluorescent, Daylight, Automatic, Lightbulb).- Adjust the tone (Sepia, Greyscale, Normal, Negative).- Editor Image Editor.- Function to display a slideshow.- Photography,
video (QCIF: 176x144 Pixels: 10 fps).- Digital Zoom Video with 4-(Digital Zoom).- Adjust the White Balance (White Balance: Fluorescent, Daylight, Automatic, Lightbulb).FM Stereo Radio with built-in support system use RDS (Radio Data System).- Audio can be recorded from the radio.Supports Java Applications (MIDP 2.1).Computer games.- Download 40 free games from the EA camp.There are two color options (Black and White).First released on September 2012.Scheduled release fourth quarter and year 2012.