Apple iPhone 3G Review Spec Price

posted on 04 Feb 2013 04:59 by androids directory Tech, Knowledge
Apple iPhone 3G Review Spec Price
Price 150$
This phone was sold as NEW and unlocked and we received it promptly after the Sept. 13th order fulfillment.
On Oct 24th, the Phone failed completely. It would not re-start with soft and hard reset. It continued to be locked up completely with unresponsive touch on a fully energized main screen (the first "unlock" display present and waiting). The unit was taken to a local Apple Store (while we were traveling, Tampa Florida) and the Apple service agent checked the Apple database to discover that the unit was out of their one year warranty period by about 2 months.

This phone also exhibited minor problems in use: Screen colors were tinted slightly orange; Apple locator on Google Maps had trouble locating the unit. We were willing to "pass" on these performance issues, but not now with a "dead" locked phone.
When we took this phone to the Apple store, the technician also noted that the red water damage indicator had gone off. In the 6 weeks we had the phone, it was never in more water than the ambient humidity which further suggests to us that the "new" phone we purchased was indeed a used unit. The Apple Technicians will not go any further with service at this time. We have a dead unit.

A request for a refund in full has been made, via Amazon communications to the company (The OEM Planet) or possibly a replacement unit. Our problem is that they have simply sent a "boiler plate" return form, but the form clearly states a 30 day return policy.... there is no mention of what they will actually honor beyond the 30 day period (our case), and so we are presently stuck. We don't seem to have a true email address by which to continue a dialog with this company.

In summary: we were sold a supposedly NEW iPhone 3GS, but all internal appearances are that this phone was never really NEW, but rather an used phone albeit with excellent outward appearance.
-  I had two issues after receiving the iphone, one the center or home button was hard to push, after only one day of use - the screen displayed the itunes logo and a usb cable, i tried turning on/off several times and tried reloading thru itunes-failed due to iphone being unlock, this according to vendor i purchased the phone from. The vendor seemd kind and concerned about addressing my two issues, so I sent back the iphone for him to fix at my own expense,
he reloaded software and stated in a letter I got with the repaired phone to NEVER update your iphone on itunes, and as far as the center button or home key, the vendor stated it seems to be ok, thus, no it was not fixed, so after spending several hundred dollars for this used iphone that was advertised as in great shape,was in my opinion not, buyer beware- software is one big issue with unlocked phones and performance or buttons are another, I used the iphone for another week and got a pineapple on the screen, so long story short, I ended up just buying buying a iphone thru Apple store.