Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini
Technical Details
Battery Capacity (mAh) 1500mAh
CPU Dual-core 1GHz
Network Band : GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, 3G 900, 3G 1900, 3G 2100
Weight 111.5 g, Height 121.55 mm ,Width 63 mm ,
Thickness 9.85 mmInternal Memory 8GB
Price 350$
This phone is great! So many people bash it because "oh it has a smaller processor than the big s3"' and "oh it only had a 5mp camera" and they don't look at the actual phone itself.

This phone is great and you basically get everything you get from the galaxy s3 except in a mini package. The only difference is a few of the the specs like the camera and the processor. I tested my Galaxy s3 Mini (which only has a dual core processor) against my friends Galaxy s3 4g (which has a quad core processor) and it pretty much kept pace with it. Maybe every now and then it would load a mili-second slower..yea a MILI-second slower. Nowhere near slow enough for anyone to complain about it as much as people try to. It's faster than the iphone 4s which only supports 3G and not 4G.

If you want the NFC version of this phone, you HAVE to get the one being sold in the UK! That is currently the only country that has it for sale at the moment.

This phone DOES support 3G/HSDPA...I repeat it DOES support 3G. Everyone claims you can only get EDGE/2g internet, which is so false. I get HSDPA which is faster 3G network than actual 3G.

You get all the "smart motion" settings as the galaxy s3, such as smart stay, direct call, tilt to zoom, pan and move, double tap to top, turn over to mute/stop playing music, etc.

you get all the live wallpapers, backgrounds, tones, sounds, text tones, ringers, water sounds, and everything else as the galaxy s3.


people who complain about the battery either 1) have wifi on all the time: which drains the battery because apps are constantly updating "like facebook, email, etc." and the wifi signal is always looking to see if there is a network in range to connect to, or 2) always have H/3G on: which uses more battery than wifi as well as keeps you connected so you will get updates for "facebook, email, etc". When your phone is sleeping, disable mobile data and wifi data and your phone will be a champ! Its not that hard to click one button to turn wifi/mobile data back on and get your new updates. You wake your phone up, click connect wifi/3g data, and then bam! you'll get any facebook notifications, all your emails update, etc.

I charged the phone to 100% to do a test of standby time and this is what I have. After I unplugged the phone I put it in sleep with wifi off and let it sit. every now and then I got a text and would go on it to check battery %. This phone went from 99% to 94% in 13 hours!!!! yea THIRTEEN! it only went down 5% in 13 hours. Now yes, the more you use it/watch movies/play games, the faster it will drain. But if you have it sleeping, call, sleeping, take some text, sleeping, browse the internet, and so on then you should get about a full day if not more. The people who complain the battery is horrible are the people who play video games 24/7, stream movies 24/7, with 3g data turned on , with screen full brightness, etc. Those are the people who use this solely as a video game device or tv and complain that the phone battery is junk. Yea, because it's a PHONE battery...not a 24 hour video game and watch movies battery.

p.s. if you are one of those heavy game/movie/not caring about screen brightness settings person..then guess what. Buy the extended battery!! which does help out GREAT!

If there is anything you need to know about this phone just comment and I will reply. I researched this phone for 2 months because I usually thoroughly look into an item I want. I want to make sure I know all the bells and whistles and exactly what i'm getting. It was hard with this product since there aren't that many reviews or talks about it so I was trying to figure out everything I could. I would ask questions and no one would reply/not know the answer which made it harder to go with my instinct and by this phone. Well now that I have the phone and everything tested and confirmed, I will let you know anything you need to. Don't hesitate to ask.

I have the pebble blue version.
Yes, this phone is unlocked.
Yes, it supports a micro SD card (up to 32 gb). So those who see that it only offers 8gb/16gb internal, then just get a micro sd card and you're all set! :)
Yes, it DOES support HPSDA/3G (you will see on your internet network status a small 3G symbol if your area is covered or an H symbol, which stands for HSDPA, which is even faster than 3G).
No, it does NOT take a micro sim card. SO many sites and descriptions say it takes a micro sim card and it does not. It takes a normal size sim card.
YES this phone will work in any country, it's unlocked.

In the box: s3 mini, a 1500 mAh battery, wall charger, usb charger, and samsung earphones.

Phone Size: The phone is 4.79 inches tall, 2.48 inches width, 0.39 inches thin, weighs 3.92 oz, and has a 4 inch screen....Just to give you a comparison: the iPhone 4s is 4.5 inches tall, 2.31 inches width, 0.37 inches thin, weighs 4.8 oz, and has a 3.5 inch screen. So holding the s3 mini is like holding the iphone 4s except a little taller and wider and a hair thicker, AND lighter. Plus a 4 inch screen.

Screen: The screen is a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen measuring 480 x 800 pixels. Therefore the screen is not HD, but nonetheless, the screen looks amazing (233ppi pixel density). It is also a multi-touch screen equipped with Gorilla Glass.

Camera: 5 megapixel back camera takes pictures up to 2592x1944 pixels. It has autofocus, burst shot, panorama (which is awesome), and LED flash, plus more. The front camera is VGA and takes decent photos. The back camera can record HD video of 720p at 30fps.

Android OS: Comes out of the box with Jelly Bean Version 4.1.1

CPU: 1 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 1.
Chipset: NovaThor U8420.
GPU: Mali-400.

Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor.
It has GPS with A-GPS connectivity; digital compass. (I used the navigation feature twice already and the GPS is amazing!)

Network Frequencies and Band: 2G Network - GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and then 3G Network - HSDPA 900/1900/2100.

This will work with T-Mobile. T-Mobile requires 1700/2100 for their 4G and 3G BUT their 1900 network is their new network they are reframing and that gets you HSDPA speeds which is faster than 3G. So yes you can get 3G/HSDPA with this phone from T-Mobile still if you are in the covered area.

This phone will also work with AT&T, once again because their 1900 is their main 3G network. Yes it also runs on 850, but anywhere it runs on 850, it is also covered by 1900, which is what this phone all you need is the 1900 network support which this phone has.

And i'll repeat is just one more time because some people still ask...This phone will work with AT&T and T-Mobile because it has the 1900 network! Which is all you need to get 3G for both companies. The 850 for AT&T doesn't matter, and the 1700/2100 for T-Mobile doesn't matter. Hope this cleared things up :)

And I should note one more thing. Yes this international phone does work and support HSDPA/3G networks. You can also get 2g/edge if you dont live in a 3g/HSDPA covered area...but who would want that if you can get high speed downlink packet access. Almost everyone i've ever met who has the Samsung Galaxy s3 Mini or the International Version of the Samsung Galaxy s3 claim they only get horrible Edge internet access. This is so wrong.

Anyway, I hope this helped some people decide if they want this phone..WHICH YOU SHOULD!!!! ;) because this phone is awesome and GREAT! It is definitely just like the Samsung Galaxy s3 except smaller...aka Samsung Galaxy s3 Mini. Any questions just let me know and I'll help out.




I bought this phone because the size fits my hand perfectly. However, this phone has no multiple windows feature. Do you have any idea how to put multiple windows in this phone?

Btw, i totally agree with you about the battery.

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