LG Rumor Reflex Phone Review

posted on 17 Feb 2013 15:57 by androids directory Knowledge

LG Rumor Reflex Phone Review


LG Rumor Reflex Phone

I've been a feature phone user with Sprint for over 4 years now. Over that time, I've used the Palm Centro, the HTC Snap and the Samsung Reclaim. This is my first LG phone, and also my first touch screen phone. I own an iPad3 and an iTouch, but I don't want a smartphone like an iPhone or Android because I don't want to pay a higher monthly fee/cost.




I've used this new Rumor Reflex phone for 4 days now. I give it an overall 3.5 stars rating that breakdowns as follows on the particular areas:


4 stars for the case/phone body - feels solid, not too thick, easy to pop off/on the back to remove/insert the battery and microSD card. GREAT that the phone can take a microSD card of up to 32GB!

4 stars for seemingly no problem with reception/drop calls, or sound quality on calls.

4 stars for an easy to understand and utilize user-interface.


3.5 stars for lcd touch screen - colors are bright and sharp, fonts appear clear and sharp, and the touch sensitivity of the lcd screen is decent (though not nearly as responsive as that screen of the iPhone or iPod Touch).

3 stars for the qwerty keyboard - the buttons are barely raised, they don't give good feedback when you press on them, and their placement doesn't seem natural. However, I think I will get used to it and type faster after a few more weeks of use.

2 stars for the battery. I barely get 24hrs of use even with the vibrate function turned off, with the screen brightness at level 4 (10 is the brightest), and I don't talk or text very much. I'm pretty disappointed with the battery life while the battery is brand-new, I worry how the battery will hold up after 9 months or a year of use - since I'm planning to use this phone for two years until I get another credit to upgrade with Sprint by renewing my two year service contract.

2 stars for the weak camera - haven't taken many pics but they don't look very good so far - colors are off and pics aren't very clear/sharp.


The above being said, it's still probably one of the top 3 low cost "feature phones" (non-smart phones) now on the market and if I wasn't using the Rumor Reflex, I'm not sure what feature phone I would go with. I got it for $29 after various rebates from Sprint for renewing my two year contract.


If you want a low cost feature phone that has a large touch screen and qwerty keyboard, and can live with charging your phone every night, you'll probably be happy with this phone