Dell Aero Android OS Review

posted on 18 Feb 2013 11:26 by androids
Dell Aero Android OS Review

Let me begin by saying that I love the Dell line of products. In fact my last 2 computer purchases have been Dell and most likely my next purchase will be Dell. With this in mind I jumped at the chance to buy the Aero when it was offered on Amazon. I purchased the phone hoping to take advantage of its 3g capability. However that has not been the case. I purchased the phone thinking that it would work on all gsm networks. My carrier is T-mobile. 

Thus far I can only make phone calls and text messages. I cannot use their 3g network, only the edge. This makes web surfing nonexistent. I contacted Dell technical support and was advised that the 3g capability only works on ATT, not T-Mobile. Not being able to connect for web data connection greatly diminishes the value of the devise. I do not know how the phone performs on other gsm networks, but I would advise those wanting to use it on T-mobile to save their money. You can find other phones for less that can provide you the same service.

Now that I have complained, let me offer some other considerations for potential buyers. I have no problem accessing the web with this phone using wi-fi. I like the looks and feel of this phone. Its lightweight and sleek looking. Video is clean and crisp. Pictures look good and its easy to use. Sound quality is better than most phones I've used in the past. I would have preferred it the have a 3.5mm jack connection, but you can easily work around this. For these reasons, and the fact that I received the phone in 2 business days after ordering, I gave the device 3 stars.